V7 Bioaqua deep hydration
whitening cream V7 bioaqua
V7 bioaqua moisturizing toning cream
whitening moisturizer V7 bioaqua
makeup cream v7 bioaqua
v7 deep hydration
balancing creams unifies tones v7 bioaqua

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Description of the product:

For the perfect improvement of facial skin tone! With the daily use of this super hydrating and regenerating facial cream V7 you can benefit from:  

BIOAQUA V7 Light toning, moisturizing and whitening skin care cream.

Excellent base for makeup, its excellent waterproof texture, firms the skin, hides imperfections, evens the skin tone, reduces small wrinkles and prepares the skin for the application of makeup. Cream for female gender.

V7 Deep Hydration


Clarify the color: It can make the skin whiter and softer.  

It soothes the skin: Improves dull skin and offers a translucent white and moist.

V7 deep hydration

Fine pores: It improves the thick pores, tightens the skin, so that the skin becomes more tense, silky and soft.

Imperfections: Quickly covers imperfections and can also be used as a concealer and illuminator; In addition to extending the durability of makeup for longer.

V7 bioqua

Deep hydration: It contains a variety of vitamins that make the skin quickly moisturized and look brighter and more natural.

Deep Hydration bioaqua V7








Anti - acne: Prevents the appearance of acne through the elimination of bacteria and impurities that build up inside the pores.   

hydratnate cream V7 bioaqua

Mode of use:

After washing your face with warm water; apply it by making dots with a generous amount of the cream, on the chin, forehead, nose, and cheeks. Massage to blend over entire face until cream is absorbed into all skin of complexion.     

V7 bioaqua

Made in China for BIOAQUA

Cont. Net 50g