Shipping policy

Shipping and return policy

Any claim for any item in poor condition, damaged or defective must be submitted in less than four weeks after receipt of the product. For packages that have been lost in delivery, claims must be submitted in less than four weeks after the estimated delivery date. Claims considered wrong by us are at our expense.

Incorrect address: SIf you provide an address that the courier service considers insufficient, the shipment will be returned to our facilities. In addition, you will be responsible for the forwarding costs when we have confirmed the correct address with you. This includes the omission of apartment numbers, lots, unit and floor.

Customer Returns: We do not refund orders because the buyer regrets the purchase. Or for an incorrect product choice.

This policy is governed and will be interpreted according to its Spanish version and regardless of any translation, whatever its purpose.

What happens if the order is lost during transport?

In the case of packages that are lost along the way, All claims must always be submitted before 4 weeks have elapsed after the estimated delivery date. But don't worry, we will bear the costs of resubmitting a replacement order.

If your order appears as delivered and you have not received it. We recommend contacting your local post office to try to locate the lost order through your area dealer.

Please note that if the tracking information says that an order has been delivered but your customer thinks they have not received it, we will not be responsible or send the order again. In that case, all substitutions will have to be paid by the customer.