Reinforced fat sucking gel

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ1546
gel reductor chupa panza
Gel reforzado de jengibre chupa panza
Gel Reductivo Chupa Panza
Gel reductor para el abdomen chupa panza
gel reforzado chupa panza
gel reductor chupa grasa
gel para reducir el abdomen chupa panza
Chupa panza gel de Jengibre y bamitol quema grasa

Reinforced fat sucking gel

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ1546
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🔔 Discover the Fat Sucking Thermo-reducing Gel, now more powerful and effective! Do you want to get rid of that excessive fat naturally? We have designed this with you in mind! 💪🌿

💡 Our gel is formulated with natural ingredients, designed to help you eliminate fat through sweat. Seems surprising right? Now you can reduce your abdomen and those annoying fatties more efficiently...🔥🍀

💖 But that's not all. The Fat Sucking Thermo-reducing Gel not only helps you burn fat, it also helps you relieve colic, expel toxins, purify pores and reduce stretch marks. If you have recently become a mother, its regular use can help you avoid the appearance of cellulite and improve skin elasticity. 👶💫

🎉 Are you ready for a change and to feel better about yourself? Don't hesitate any longer! Place your order today and begin to experience the multiple benefits offered by this excellent fat-sucking thermo-reducing gel. 🛒🏃‍♀️🎈

Cont. Net 250 g

Made in Mexico for La Niquereña

Herbal extracts of Ginger, Camphor, Ginkgo Biloba, carnitine, rue and rosemary were mixed in its composition of natural ingredients. The latter was added as a new ingredient for this new product, which is reflected in its new color, in addition to being an excellent natural diuretic, which is used to lose weight and combat fluid retention in the body.

✅ Reduce waist.

✅ Reduce sizes.

✅ Remove Fat.

✅ Deflames.

✅ Remove Sagging.

✅ Remove Cellulite.

✅ Remove Toxins.

✅ Attenuates stretch marks.

✅ Remove colic.

✅ Ideal for postpartum.

1-Immerse a towel in hot water, print it, and place it on your belly. (This will allow your pores to open up.)

2-Remove the towel and apply the gel throughout your abdomen.

3-Later it covers with an elastic bandage, it stays like this for 6 hours or all night. After that time remove with cold water.

4-Do this routine every day and enjoy the results you will get after two weeks.

🌿 Ginger Extract.

🌿 Camphor.

🌿 Ginkgo Biloba.

🌿 L-Carnitine.

🌿 Rude.

🌿 Rosemary.

Customer Reviews

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iris rodriguez

Reinforced fat sucking gel

Carina Santillan
a five

Highly recommended and I'm seeing results.

Benedicto Cardona
Excellent product

It is only the second week for my wife and we are already seeing results.

Elisa Gamez

Hello, good afternoon. Thank you for packing me my Fat Sucking Reinforced Gel product. I started putting it on after 5 days and I still can't tell you if it works for me. How long will it take to see my result?

Lydia Oliveras

suck fat

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