V7 face toning cream

Bioaqua SKU: BQY822171
V7 Bioaqua deep hydration
crema blanqueadora V7 bioaqua
crema tonificante hidratante V7 bioaqua
crema tonificante facial v7 bioaqua
crema blanqueador hidratante V7 bioaqua
crema para base de maquillaje v7 bioaqua
v7 deep hydration
cremas balanqueadora unifica tonos v7 bioaqua

V7 face toning cream

Bioaqua SKU: BQY822171
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BIOAQUA V7 Light toning, moisturizing and whitening skin care cream.

Excellent base for makeup, its excellent waterproof texture, firms the skin, hides imperfections, unifies skin tone, reduces small wrinkles and prepares the skin for makeup application.😲

Cream for female gender.

Made in China for BIOAQUA

Net Cont. 50g.

For the perfect skin tone enhancement on your face!

✅ Lighten color: It can make the skin whiter and smoother.

✅ Soothes the skin: Improves dull skin and offers a white and moist translucent.

✅ Fine Pores: Improve coarse pores, tighten the skin, so that the skin becomes tighter, silkier and smoother.

✅ Blemishes: Quickly covers blemishes and can also be used as a concealer and highlighter; in addition to extending the durability of makeup for longer.

✅ Deep hydration: Contains a variety of vitamins that make the skin moisturize quickly and look more luminous and natural.

✅ Anti - acne: Prevents the appearance of acne through the elimination of bacteria and impurities that accumulate inside the pores.

1. After washing face with warm water; apply the cream by making dots with a generous amount.

2. Massage to blend all over face until cream is absorbed throughout facial skin.

👉 Its creamy and light texture is gently absorbed and hydrates the skin. Contains multivitamins that help improve texture, making skin tone smooth and bright.

👉 Lazy Makeup Base: The cream has a waterproof texture that tightens the skin, hides imperfections, balances the tone, reduces small wrinkles and prepares the skin for makeup application.

👉 Extend the duration of makeup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Adriana González

V7 face toning cream

cute fonts
Love it !

I like how my skin looks with this cream, I don't even need makeup on my face when using it

Esther Cepero
Very good product

Excellent for skin care

Mary Avalos

V7 face toning cream

nestora escalante
I loved it

I have bought several products and the truth is that I really liked this cream, especially I recommend it, it leaves your skin very soft

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