bioacua rice facial scrub gel
Rice scrub gel
Bioacua facial scrub gel
bioacua rice face scrub gel
bioacua facial facial scrub gel
bioacua rice scrub gel
bioaqua rice scrub
bioaqua rice scrub
biaqua rice facial scrub
bioaqua rice face scrub

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Facial scrub gel

Rice facial exfoliating gel excellent remover of dirt inside pores and dead skin. This gel contains fine polyethylene particles that act to reduce the content of free radicals, in addition to removing dead, dark and old skin from the face. The result after applying the product.

rice scrub gel for the face

Benefits of rice scrub gel

It offers a deep cleansing and a feeling of freshness on the face.

Stimulates the cellular regeneration of the skin, also prevents the expansion of the pores of the face, produced by the use of makeup.

bioacua rice scrub gel

It relaxes the skin of the complexion and offers an incomparable softness.

You get a cleaner and whiter appearance to the skin.

benefits of bioacua rice scrub


rice extract for the faceorange extract for the facealoe vera extract for the face
Rice Extract: Gently remove dead skin, clean and lighten skin.

Orange Extract: Clean excess facial oil and moisturize.

Aloe Extract: Rich in water, moisturizes dry skin and softens it.

Glycerin: Hydrates and nourishes the skin, softens and makes the skin tender.

bioacua facial rice scrub gel

How to use
1- Apply a moderate layer of gel to the face evenly after washing your face well.
2- Massage the skin for 1-2 minutes until the dead skin and dirt have fallen off.
3- Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.

Made in China for BIOACUA

Cont. Net 140gr

 biacua facial rice scrub gel