to remove acne, pimples, marks and spots on the face
to remove the acne
remove spots on the face and acne
remove imperfections in the face
restore the face

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The NiQuereña
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At night wash your face and dry it completely.

Take some of the Clara Luna cream with the help of your fingers and rub it on your hands (It is important that you do not apply it without rubbing it first on your hands.)

Distribute evenly on your face avoiding the eye area

In the morning wash your face with neutral soap.

Neutral face soapPlease note: This soap is included in the purchase of this product.

Use sunscreen and avoid direct contact with the sun.

Sun blockers


You may have a brief redness, burning skin sensation, slight burning and itching. They are normal portions of the cream.

These symptoms may occur in the first two weeks but it is important not to stop treatment and use it correctly.

Keep refrigerated
Please note: This cream is the responsibility of the person who uses it.
creams for stains before and after

Benefits of clear moon: This cream is effective for both men and women, especially for oily skin. Quita sun spots, freckles, cloth, acne marks and scars, anti aging, moisturizes, bleaches and softens the complexion. eye cream and freckles before and after


  • Vegetable Placenta Extract
  • Wheat oil extract.
  • Royal jelly.
  • antirust
  • vitamin E & collagen

Net Cont .: 150 g