Clarifying soap with collagen

Aichun Beauty SKU: LNQ2777
Jabón aclarador de áreas oscuras
Jabones Blanqueadores
jabón natural para manchas en la cara
 jabón quita manchas dela piel
Jabones Blanqueadores
Jabón natural para aclarar áreas oscuras
Dark spot remover whitening soap
Jabón orgánico aclarador
jabón quita manchas de la cara
Jabón Blanqueador De Axilas, Rodillas y Zonas Íntimas Aichun Beauty
jabón natural para manchas en la cara
jabón blanqueador

Clarifying soap with collagen

Aichun Beauty SKU: LNQ2777
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Ready for brighter, healthier skin? 🧼 Introducing our collagen clarifying soap! 🤩

This powerful whitening soap is enriched with multiple plant extracts that penetrate deep into your skin to quickly remove dirt, dead skin cells and dark areas from underarms, knees, neck and between the legs.

Not only that, but this soap is also high in collagen, which helps prevent the symptoms of premature aging and blurs fine lines, so you can have brighter, healthier skin in no time.

Say goodbye to dull, dry skin and hello to brighter, healthier looking skin with our Collagen Clarifying Soap!

Soap Type: Whitening and Moisturizing.

Skin type: All.

Usage: Face and Body

Size: 9,5*3,5*6cm.

Net Weight: 100g

Quantity: 1pcs

✅ Visibly lightens the neck, legs, feet, back, arms, armpits, intimate area, etc.

✅ The product contains natural extracts, effectively reduces open or rough skin pores.

✅ Softens the skin and prevents the appearance of opaque or dark colored skin.

✅ Effectively whitens the skin and gives it a beautiful tone, makes the skin look smoother, whiter and more supple

✅ Work on melanin helping to fade dark spots and marks.

1. Take the product, add a little water and make a foam, then gently massage the foam on the skin and rinse with plenty of water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Concepcion Hawkins
Javon with whitening collagen

I have been using it for 2 weeks, I still do not see results

Ursula Beatris Queche Hernandez
clarifying soap

I have been using it and if I see good results

Julia Alvarado

It's very good

Zulma Villatoro

Clarifying soap with collagen

Mariusky Cabrera

Clarifying soap with collagen

Jabón aclarador de áreas oscuras
Jabones Blanqueadores
Clarifying soap with collagen
Aichun Beauty
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