Mango Buttocks Cream

Rtopr SKU: LNQ832112
Crema para ahumentar gluteos y anachar caderas Rtopr
vrema para reafirmar gluteos y caderas
crema para ahumentar nalgas y caderas
crema para ahumentar las nalgas y las caderas
técnicas de masaje para reafirmar los glúteos
crema de levantamiento de glúteos

Mango Buttocks Cream

Rtopr SKU: LNQ832112
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👋 Say goodbye to lack of firmness and 🎉 welcome a renewed silhouette.

Mango Buttock Cream is specially formulated 💪 to assist in strengthening and improving the appearance of your buttocks, contributing to a more defined look 🔍. Use it with the known exercise routines to increase the size of your glutes in the gym, to enhance its effect🏋️‍♀️. 

exercises to firm the buttocks

This pioneering cream, with its constant use, is designed to promote a notable change 🚀, helping your buttocks look more toned and firm in just six weeks ⏳.

Thanks to a careful composition 🌿, our cream includes active and natural ingredients that collaborate with the lifting and firming of the skin 🍃, also supporting the natural production of collagen 💖.

It's not just about toning, but this cream is also designed to improve the texture of your skin 🌟, reducing the visibility of cellulite and maintaining enviable softness with regular use 🧴.

Dare to elevate your beauty with our Mango Butt Cream 🥭. With the promise of results that could begin to be noticed after six weeks of disciplined application 🗓️, it is an opportunity that you will not want to miss ✨.

✔️ Condition: New, unused, unopened, and undamaged in its original packaging.

✔️ Ingredients: natural.

✔️ Body area: Buttock.

✔️ Colour: white.

✔️ Country of Manufacture: China.

✔️ Sex: Female.

✔️ Expiration date: See packaging.

✔️ Duration: 3 years.

✔️ Features: Buttocks Bigger Lifting Moisturizer.

✔️ Formulation: Cream.

✔️ Ingredients: Panax ginseng angelica extract mango seed oil.

✔️ Main purpose: Expansion.

✔️ Material: Buttock Augmentation Cream
Product line: Health and Beauty.

✔️ Quantity: 1

✔️ Size: 1.50x1.50x5.12 inches.

✔️ Skin type: All skin types.

1. Apply an appropriate amount of the product on the buttocks and massage in circles from the top to the bottom.

2. Use the product twice a day when skin is hot and after shower or bath with warm water.

Water, glycerin, mineral oil, xanthan gum, tocopherol, panax ginseng, extract, angelic extract synesthesis, mangifera, indica seed oil (mango), glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, peg - 100 sterarate, dimetricone and fragrance.

Note: if you have any allergic problem or skin discomfort, please stop using it and visit your doctor.

✅ Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite.

✅ Helps improve overall skin texture.

✅ Promotes firmness and tightness to your glutes.

✅ Helps shape and enhance the glutes.

Customer Reviews

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Maria Pichardo

Very good products, 100% recommended, very good service, very friendly and everything arrives very quickly

Sandra Antúnez
Very good product thank you for all your good products that sell blessings

Thank you for your products, they are of very good quality. GOD bless you.

flora shahbin
very good

works from the first day of use

Chekouani Mine

I do not speak Spanish sorry

Judith Alvarado

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Crema para ahumentar gluteos y anachar caderas Rtopr
vrema para reafirmar gluteos y caderas
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