Mango bust cream

Rtopr SKU: LNQ832113
Crema de aumento de senos
crema para reafirmar los senos Rtopr
crema para reafirmar los senos Rtopr
crema para hacer crecer los senos
crema de mango para refirmar y ahumentar el volumen de los senos
crema para endurecer los senos y reafirmarlos rtopr
Crema de aumento de senos
crema de para hacer que crezcan los senos

Mango bust cream

Rtopr SKU: LNQ832113
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Embark on a journey to enhance your silhouette naturally with our Mango bust cream 🌺✨.

This advanced formula is carefully designed to promote a fuller, more contoured bust, using pure botanical extracts that respect your skin and suit all your dermatological needs.

With our cream, you will enjoy properties that help firm the skin and lighten the nipple area, in addition to promoting the development of the mammary glands, thus contributing to a more voluminous and aesthetic appearance of your bust 🌼📈.

Beyond the increase, our cream is an ally to enrich the texture and vitality of your skin, improving its overall appearance.

Ideal for those who want to strengthen their self-esteem and personal comfort, with continued use, you will be able to observe a notable increase in the size of your bust, accompanied by more youthful and radiant skin.

Dare to discover the benefits of our Mango cream to help with breast enlargement 🌟💖. Start your transformation today and elevate your confidence to new heights.

🌱 Formula of natural extracts: the product contains plant extracts that increase adipocytes and fatty tissues in the breasts, promoting lipid storage and making the breasts more voluptuous.

⚡ Fast absorption: This cream is absorbed very quickly and then penetrates deeply into your skin and targets fatty tissues, making the breasts firmer and more rounded.

🚫 No side effects: it does not affect your hormonal levels.

🍑 Fuller Breasts: Lifts your breasts, makes them firm, enlarges them and gives you the curves you've always dreamed of.

💡 Observations: To achieve optimal results, use this product together with exercise regularly.

1. Apply every night after bathing with warm water on both breasts.

2. Massage in and out in a circular motion until completely absorbed.

3. Let the product act for a minimum period of 6 hours.

Aquamarine, glycerin, mineral oil, mango, seed oil, xanthan gum, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol clove - 100 stearate, dimethicone and fragrance

Customer Reviews

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Alma Sandoval

Mango bust cream

Emma De La Mora
breast cream

Good product, with perseverance if it works.


It feels very good on the bust I hope it works 🤩🥚🥚

Maricela Minier
I haven't used it yet

I haven't used it yet

Yolanda ramos
I have not received

I have not received

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