shelo nabel bergamot shampoo
natural bergamot shampoo
hair growth with shelo nabel bergamot shampoo
shelo nabel bergamot hair loss shampoo
hair care with shelo nabel bergamot shampoo


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Shampoo to accelerate hair growth and birth, stop hair loss, restore and stimulate keratin structures and eliminate fungi and hair infections.

Shelo Nabel bergamot shampoo


Hair loss can occur due to stress, hormonal problems and even genetics. This treatment to combat hair loss in women and men is composed as a main ingredient of a citrus fruit, called bergamot and contains high amounts of vitamin C, not to mention that it also has vitamin components of group A and B. It is also known because both Their skin and pulp contain high concentrations of minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and sodium, all undoubtedly very necessary to nourish the hair structure of any person.

shelo nabel bergamot shampoo



 1.) Stimulator:

This excellent shampoo for hair loss is backed by the criteria of expert stylists. They recommend using bergamot for hair, because it stimulates the blood supply to the scalp, a highly relevant process for the birth of new hair, its growth, and preventing hair loss.

hair stimulation with bergamot

2.) Repairman:
Its nutrients and vitamins have a reparative effect on hair follicles when they are affected by the chlorine of swimming pools, chemical treatments or exposure to hostile climates that affect the hair.

3.) Natural anti frizz:
With the sudden changes in climate in some countries, many women-victims of extreme cold or unbearable heat-have tried using bergamot for hair and the result has been noticeable, in the control of frizz in any type of hair fiber.

bergamot shampoo anti free fall salt

4.) Moisturizer:
Due to its natural components, many bergamot is used for the hair to take advantage of its moisturizing effect on the entire mane, from the roots to the ends. It is ideal for when you wash your hair and need a complement that allows you to give your hair structure a halo of shine and silkiness.

5.) Weak hair and split ends
Recent studies by experts in natural cosmetology have determined that hair bergamot prevents it from drying out. In addition, it keeps it strong and healthy, preventing the tips from becoming brittle.

avoid hair loss with bergamot

 Mode of use

Apply a generous amount to damp hair and scalp, massage for approximately 3 minutes to let the shampoo work on the fiber and leather surface. Remove after time, with plenty of water.



Fragrance, PEG-400, Keratin, bergamot extract, Chamomile, Melissa, Nettle, Horse chestnut, Rosemary, Sage, Lysine, Arginine, Histidine, Aspartic acid, Alanine, valine and proline.  

 birth of new hair with bergamot

Made in Mexico

With. Net 500 ml