hydrogel patches to remove bags under the eyes
patches with collagen to remove fine lines
patches with collagen to eliminate dark circles
collagen and snail drool eye patches
Snail slime mask anti bags under the eyes
snail slime mask for dark circles
snail drool eye patches with collagen
snail slime hydrogel patches with collagen


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face masks with collagen and snail slime

The collagen and snail slime patches are enriched with multiple nourishing ingredients and hyaluronic acid. These are mixed with gold foil microparticles to improve the skin around the eyes, around the mouth and forehead.

patches with collagen and snail slime

These excellent patches provide a safe and enhanced way to relieve facial fatigue, lighten melanin, smooth fine lines, and eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes. This will make your eyes look hydrated, energetic and bright.

snail slime masks for bags under the eyes

Use: After cleansing and toning the face, remove the mask with the spoon that comes with the default product in the package. Apply the patch to the eye area, or the desired area of ​​your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. After this time remove the mask and you will notice how your skin has been hydrated and improved.

mask with collagen for expression lines

Quick Details

Ingredients: Herbal

Type of skin: All skin types

Characteristic: Anti-puffiness, Anti-wrinkle, Dark circles, Moisturizing, Nutritious

Mask shape: Hydrogel

Use: Dark Circle / Wrinkles

Cont. Net: 1.5g 60pcs

mask with collagen to eliminate fine lines