Shelo Nabel Uniseh Deodorant
100% natural shelo nabel uniseh deodorant


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Why use this 100% natural deodorant? 

Shelo Nabel Uniseh Deodorant

Some of the common problems people face when using the wrong type of deodorants are the following: itchy skin, skin rashes, burning sensation and redness. Some deodorants can even cause health risks such as aluminum neurotoxicity, breast cancer and kidney dysfunction.

armpit irritated by antiperspirant deodorant

What can cause the use of antiperspirant deodorants? 

Antiperspirant deodorant eliminates underarm sweating and bad smell. This is achieved by applying it, it adheres to the pores covering the sweat outlet and the bad smell. This causes the armpits to breathe us and therefore cannot eliminate the substances we discard when we sweat; In addition to causing an accumulation of bacteria harmful to health. The most common symptoms in these cases are inflation, burning, itching and even rashes.

bad smell in the armpits

When to avoid using unnatural deodorants 

You should avoid the use of deodorant in the following cases

armpit irritated by the use of antiperspirant deodorants

If you have open wounds in the armpits, do not use deodorants, wait for the wounds to heal completely before using deodorants. Also avoid using deodorants, if you have shaved your armpits. In both cases, you will get a burning sensation in the skin or face some other type of skin irritation after applying deodorant in the armpits.


100% natural deodorant from shelo nabel

Crystal is a natural mineral used since ancient times for skin irritations and bad smell, this product allows the perspiration of the skin and the elimination of toxins from the body; destroys bacteria that cause the bad smell without disguising it. It is called crystal because it is a crystalline mineral which is molten to use its benefits.

Shelo Nabel Uniseh Deodorant
SHELO NABEL CRISTAL deodorant does not clog pores, eliminates bad odor, does not stain clothes or skin, is a natural bactericide, recommended for men and women, and is free of aromas.


fresh armpit and no bad smell

Bactericidal natural mineral

Destroy the bacteria that cause the bad smell without disguising it

Provides natural freshness ensuring effective protection throughout the day.

Does not clog the pores

Eliminates the bad smell

eliminates the bad smell of the armpits with natural deodorant from shelo nabel

Recommended for men and women

No risks caused by antiperspirants

Natural bactericide

For sensitive skin

Does not stain clothes or skin

How to use

Shake before use and apply after bath.

armpit heals by deodorant of shelo nabel


Purified water and natural mineral salts.

Net Cont. 260 mL

Made in Mexico For Shelo Nabel