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Cream to lift the buttocks, hips and personal care.

Buttock enhancement cream adopts multiple types of herbal extracts that can make the buttocks larger and more raised. He also specializes in cellulite control for the buttocks. Use various types of herbal extracts, which can lift those defective areas and make the buttocks appear fuller.

 Cream lifting buttocks buttocks and hips Omy Lady

Detailed Product Description:
1 Hip cream can increase the skin's diaphragm, inject many active ingredients, activate sleep cells in the buttocks and other parts of the body, rejuvenate them, accelerate the burning of epidermal fat, and make the buttocks firm and elastic.

Firming buttock and hip cream
2. The nutrients in the product reach the skin, nourish the skin cells, favor the growth of the muscles of the buttocks and make the hips adjust.

gluteus ahument
3. Improve skinny, skinny and flat buttocks, get firm buttocks.
4. A variety of plant nutrient essence nourishes muscle cells and promotes the growth of the muscles of the buttocks.

Omy Lady
5. Pure natural ingredients, easy to absorb, without side effects.

butt augmentation cream
Type: Buttock and hip enhancement cream.

butt lift with firming cream

Skin Type: all skin types
Genre: Unisex
Country / Region of Manufacture: China
Net weight 100g

cream to increase the size of the butt

Final report:
1. Allows 1-3mm monthly difference growth due to manual measurement.

cream to increase the size of the butt per month


Apply a small amount evenly on the buttocks and hip massage for 1-3 minutes until completely absorbed. Twice a day, morning and evening.

ingredients for butt cream


Angelica, evening primrose, centella, collagen peptide, shea butter, soy protein, vitamin E, chamomile extract.

Buttocks smoked with Omy Lady cream

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