disaar hair growth shampoo
shampoo to grow hair in a week
shampoo to strengthen hair and stop hair loss
shampoo to accelerate hair growth disaar
sampoo anti-loss and hair growth
natural shampoo to grow hair fast


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shampoo to prevent and stop hair loss

Our professional Shmapoo is designed from extracts of plants rich in proteins that work by enhancing the hair root. These affect positively when we seek to strengthen our hair, prevent hair loss and stimulate growth. This excellent shampoo is suitable for use in both men and women, offering obvious results in relation to hair loss, from the first week of use. This product also stimulates growth of 3 to 5 cm per month.

Professional anti-loss shampoo and hair growth stimulator

Mode of use:

professional shampoo to accelerate hair growth and stop hair loss

  1. Apply to the scalp and rub to obtain a rich lather.
  2. Massage at the roots of the hair and scalp with the fingertips for 2 to 3 minutes, to clean the pores and the product penetrates properly.
  3. Rinse with water and wash off the foam.


disaar hair growth shampoo

Formulated based on the combination of different plants such as Fleece root, the Ginseng, pittany root bark, ginger oil, Tea tree oil and the extract of the leaves fir

Useful life: 3 years

Cont. Net 200ml

Made in China for Disaar