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 Did you know that the slime of the snail in its state of stress is one of the most beneficial substances to heal, repair and heal the skin? If you have acne marks, blemishes, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks or blemishes on your skin, it is time to try this super effective and natural product to make your skin look like new, since snail drool, among other things, stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin, in addition to containing other wonderful substances that were previously unknown and little used. Below we show you detailed information about this excellent product. 


  • Eliminate fine lines.
  • Remove cloth stains, age and caused by the sun.
  • Effective for pimples on the face. 
  • Remove scars. 
  • Revitalizes dry skin 
  • Effective to treat the acne 
  • Eliminates stretch marks on the skin

Please note: This product contains sunscreen and can be applied at any time of day or night. 

Tone your face

How to use:

Apply on a clean face with circular movements from the center out in the morning.



Purified water, mineral oil, coal, PPG, glycerin, TEA, dimethocin, Collagen, elastin, allantoin, titanium dioxide, sunscreen and aroma.

Shelo Nabel Facial Snail Slime Cream

 Brand of the product: Shelo nabel

Made in Mexico

CONT. NET: 300 g