What expresses the color of your hair?


Hair color is a fundamental part of the female image. This can also influence the perception that I know about a person and manifest qualities that can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the tone or color of the hair.  

Our tinted shampoo lines are designed to maximize creativity. products like The 3 in 1, The Coconut Oil Tinted Shampoo, and Argan formula natural dye They have been created to express certain meanings in their different shades, without the problem of using aggressive chemicals that can damage the hair.

 Hair colors and their meaning

Red hair

Red is par excellence the color of love, hate, and passion. It also expresses seduction and immorality, strength, happiness and life. This hair color also relates to a passionate, free and seductive woman. It denotes the expression of the vital force, the impulse and the desire to conquer. Red hair is the ultimate expression of sexuality and desire.

red hair


Blond hair

The blond is attributed the color of gold, of happiness, of the good and the valuable. People often associate blonde hair with a pretty, precious, and kind woman. That is why people with blonde hair can transmit a certain confidence and well-being. This shade of hair is known as the color of victory, fame, luxury and prosperity.

blond hair


Purple or Purple Hair

People with this shade of hair express power, extravagance and magic. This color is unique among all colors and is ideal for people who want to distinguish themselves from others. This shade of hair expresses royalty, bravery, rarity, independence, and originality.

 purple hair


Gray or Platinum Hair

Gray hair has always been associated with gray hair, old age and antiquated. But nevertheless, a new trend has been born to bring it to life to this sad and dull color. Platinum hair! This color tone mixes the essence of wisdom with elegance, conveying luxury, modernity and brilliance.  

 platinum hair


black hair

People with this color tone convey security and interest in their well-being and that of their loved ones. They manifest emotional stability and a full inner life. Some consider them financial experts.

black hair


Brown hair 

Brown hair expresses intelligence, seriousness, responsibility and industriousness. This tone also projects an image of tranquility and peace and is often considered attractive and pleasing to the eyes of other people. 

 Brown hair


Caramel Colored Hair  

The most popular dye of the moment! Caramel brown hair color is perfect for lightening dark hair without making the change so drastic. Without a doubt, it is one of the favorite dyes of celebrities and famous women. since it gives dimension to the face, in addition to expressing confidence, modernity, and exquisiteness.




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