Purple Corrective Toothpaste

Pasta de dientes morada
Eliminación de manchas dentales
Blanqueamiento dental avanzado
Pasta dental quitamanchas
pasta dental de Reparación de encías
pasta dental de Reparación de encías
pasta dental para el mal aliento
Pasta dental blanqueadora
Cuidado dental natural
pasta dental de Salud bucal óptima
pasta dental de Protección de encías y dientes
Pasta dental quitamanchas
Pasta de dientes morada
Pasta de limpieza profunda dental

Purple Corrective Toothpaste

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Experience a deep dental cleaning with our Purple Corrective Toothpaste. Designed to remove deep stains and improve oral health, this paste not only whitens your teeth, but also offers protection against sensitivity and cavities. With natural ingredients and an advanced formula, it guarantees a brighter smile and healthy gums.

🌟 Deep Cleaning: Removes food particles and deep stains, leaving your teeth whiter and enhancing your smile.

🦷 Stain Removal: Penetrates the cracks of the enamel to eradicate deep stains and improve teeth whitening.

🎒 Practical Design: Compact and lightweight, with a press-type design at the mouth of the container for more comfortable use and easy transportation.

🍃 Gum and Teeth Health: Repairs gums, desensitizes teeth and combats bad breath, guaranteeing optimal oral health.

🌿 Natural Ingredients: Formulated with herbal extracts for safe whitening and comprehensive care of gums and teeth.

1. Press the entrance of the container 2-3 times to obtain the appropriate amount of paste.

2. Rinse your mouth for 10-20 seconds without swallowing.
Brush your teeth for 2 minutes.

3. For fresh breath, gargle for 10-20 seconds and spit.

4. Rinse with water to remove any residue.

Note: Children under 6 years old should use under adult supervision.

🌿 Natural Ingredients: Formulated with herbal extracts for safe whitening.

🦷 Stain Removal: Penetrates the cracks of the enamel to remove deep stains.

🍃 Gum Repair: Helps in the desensitization and health of the gums.

🌬️ Fresh Breath: Fights bad breath and keeps your mouth fresh.

🎒 Easy to Carry: Compact and lightweight design.

Capacity: 50ml

Main Ingredients: Glycerol sorbitol, xylitol, papain, vitamin C, vitamin B3, mango extract, mint extract, among others.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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Teresa Delgadillo
I loved

Leaves breath fresh and clean

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