Magic Blackhead Remover Mask

lanbena SKU: LNQ-2207
Mascarilla removedora de puntos negros
Limpiador de poros
Mascarilla facial purificante
Eliminación de grasa en poros
Mascarilla exfoliante
Mascarilla para puntos negros
Cuidado facial natural
Mascarilla para piel grasa y mixta
Mascarilla nasal para puntos negros
Mascarilla exfoliante
mascarilla de reducción de poros
Mascarilla de eliminación de grasa en poros
Mascarilla removedora de puntos negros
mascarilla de limpieza facial
mascarilla facial para puntos negros
mascarilla de aloe de lanbena
mascarilla para eliminar los puntos negros

Magic Blackhead Remover Mask

lanbena SKU: LNQ-2207
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Say goodbye to those annoying blackheads and discover cleaner, fresher skin with our mask! Enriched with the power of aloe and other natural ingredients such as purslane, this mask is designed to deeply draw out dirt and excess oil.

In addition, it is perfect for the forehead, nose and chin, removing not only blackheads but also fine hair. Specially formulated for oily, combination and large pore skin, it not only cleanses, but also retains moisture, leaving the skin soft and delicate.

And if it solidifies, don't worry! Simply dip in hot water and you're done! Transform your facial care routine and feel the difference. 🌺🌟

Do not wait more! 🛍️ Buy now and rejuvenate your skin with the magic of our mask! 🌸🌿

✔️ Deep Cleansing: Effectively removes blackheads and acne.

✔️ Minimized Pores: Visibly reduces the size of pores.

✔️ Hydrated Skin: Natural ingredients that keep skin hydrated.

✔️ Goodbye Oily Skin: Specially designed for oily and combination skin.

✔️ Easy Application: Creamy texture that adheres and acts quickly.

✔️ Satisfaction Guaranteed: Dedicated after-sales service for any queries.

✅ BLACKhead REMOVER: The blackhead removal mask contains natural aloe extracts, which can effectively remove dust and excess oil blocked in the pores, effectively prevent blackheads and make the skin cleaner.

✅ INGREDIENTS and EFFICACY: This mask for blackheads mainly contains pure natural ingredients such as aloe and purslane extract. It can remove blackheads and acne in pores, shrink pores, and effectively help the skin retain moisture and make it more delicate.

✅ SCOPE OF USE: This new type of plant nasal pore cleansing exfoliating mask can be used to remove blackheads or fine hair from the forehead, nose and chin. It is suitable for oily and combination skin, strawberry nose, large pore skin.

✅ TIPS: The blackhead remover mask will solidify below 75℉. If the product you receive is not liquid, soak the bottle in hot water for a period of time before using it and wait until the cream form appears.

Step 1: Use a hot towel to open the pores.

Step 2: Dip a cotton swab in a small amount of the mask liquid and apply it to your nose.

Step 3: Cover the sticker and press gently.

Step 4: Wait 5 to 10 minutes for it to dry and then remove it.

If you have sensitive skin, test it on your hand before using it.
This mask will set at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Soak in hot water for a while before using until creamy.

Aloe Vera Extract: It has the comprehensive effect of deeply moisturizing the skin, gently exfoliating it, and improving skin comfort.
Purslane Oleracea Extract
It can effectively resist dryness, increase skin comfort, eliminate free radicals, improve and repair skin condition.

Hyaluronic acid: Substances with excellent moisturizing properties in nature can make dry and rough skin soft and tender, and replenish natural moisture.


Customer Reviews

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Yakelin Rodriguez
Blackhead remover

It's good, it works, it does its job, I really liked it, I recommend it.

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