ELV Control Capsules

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tejocote root elv
alipotec tejocote root
Original Elv Alipotec Tejocote Root:
Alipotec Raiz de Tejocote
raiz de tejocote para perder grasa
capsulas raíz de tejocote

ELV Control Capsules

ELVControl SKU: LNQ0341
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ELV Control capsules are a 100% natural product since they are not pills, chemicals or fertilizers. This is a capsule formulated from the pieces of the heart of the hawthorn bone plus special fibers.

One of the rich fibers it has is known as Spirulina. Its main function is to lose weight, although certain consistency must be maintained, so the treatment with it must be a medium or long-term treatment, for at least three months. It is advisable to follow it for six months to obtain visible results.

During the first weeks of following the treatment with, visits to the bathroom will be frequent. This is because the body is being purified and excess fat is being eliminated. We should not be alerted if we suffer some episodes of stomach problems, problems that will disappear as the body gets used to the treatment.

The treatment is not miraculous, it is a natural product and it is necessary to maintain the treatment for at least three months. During the first weeks we will not see a visible decrease in weight, but we will have reduced our fat levels.

It is not necessary to practice any regimen or diet. It works without diets, to lose weight it is enough to take for six months and follow a complete and balanced diet, but not deprive yourself of food.

Vitamin B12, sodium and Iron

Cont. Net 90 micro capsule

Treatment for 3 months

Made in Mexico.

Tejocote 100% natural, Spirulina, Linseed, Nopal.

It is taken daily after lunch or at night, and based on a more concrete evaluation of your metabolism when you make your purchase, it is better followed.

It is advisable to drink enough water, at least two liters a day and eat foods rich in potassium, as it can cause loss of this mineral since it first begins to detoxify the body where we will eliminate deposited fat and toxins through our body orifices.

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Mary Garcia

ELV Control Capsules

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Great job doing these pills


Delfina Orozco Diaz

Very good

Maria Paredes

ELV Control Capsules



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