Shelo Nabel "Kristal" unisex natural deodorant

Shelo Nabel SKU: 45003211
Desodorante cristal de shelo nabel
desodorante kristal de shelo nabel
desodorante cristal de shelo nabel

Shelo Nabel "Kristal" unisex natural deodorant

Shelo Nabel SKU: 45003211
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Why use this 100% natural deodorant?

Some of the common problems that people face when using the wrong type of deodorants are: itching, skin rashes, burning sensation and redness. Some deodorants can even cause health risks such as Aluminum neurotoxicity, breast cancer and kidney dysfunction.


Crystal is a natural mineral used since ancient times for skin irritations and bad odours. This product allows the skin to breathe and eliminates toxins from the body. destroys odor-causing bacteria without disguising it. It is called crystal because it is a mineral in crystalline form which is melted to take advantage of its benefits.

SHELO NABEL CRISTAL deodorant does not clog pores, eliminates bad odor, does not stain clothes or skin, is a natural bactericide, recommended for men and women, and is free of aromas.

✅ Natural bactericidal mineral formula.

✅ Destroy bacteria that cause bad smell without disguising it.

✅ Provides natural freshness ensuring effective protection throughout the day.

✅ Doesn't clog pores.

✅ Recommended to be used by men and women.

✅ Without the risks caused by antiperspirants.

✅ Natural bactericide.

✅ Suitable for sensitive skin.

✅ Doesn't stain clothes or skin.

Shake before use and apply after bath.

👉 Purified water and natural mineral salts.

👉 Cont.Net 260 mL.

👉 Made in Mexico For Shelo Nabel.

What can cause the use of antiperspirant deodorants?

The anti-perspirant deodorant eliminates underarm sweating and bad odour. This is achieved by applying it, it adheres to the joints, covering the exit of sweat and the bad smell, causing the armpits not to breathe and therefore the substances that we discard when sweating cannot be eliminated. This same obstruction can cause the accumulation of bacteria harmful to health. The most common symptoms in these cases are inflammation, burning, itching and even rashes.

When to avoid the use of deodorants that do not have ingredients of natural origin.

If you have open wounds in the armpits, do not use deodorants, wait for the wounds to heal completely. Also avoid using these if you have shaved your armpits. In both cases, you will get a burning sensation on your skin.

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