What is psoriasis and what can cause its appearance.

What is psoriasis?

what is psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that increases the life cycle of cells on the skin's surface. These cause accumulation on the surface of the skin. Creating surpluses in the form of scales or red spots that can be itchy or painful. This chronic disease can come and go and there is no cure, although the accelerated growth of these cells can be stopped. To control this accumulation, we can apply products that help to combat this condition or moisturizing creams in addition to some tips such as quitting smoking and controlling stress, they can also be very useful.

Psoriasis symptoms.

The symptoms of this condition can manifest themselves differently in each individual. Next we cite the most frequent.

 Red spots on the skin covered with thick, silver scales

Small scaly spots (commonly seen in children)

Dry and cracked skin that may bleed

Itching, burning or pain.

Thickened, chopped or grooved nails

Inflamed and rigid joints

The marks of psoriasis can manifest from small points to extensive eruptions.

There are several types of psoriasis below we cite some.

Plaque psoriasis

Plaque psoriasis. 

nail psoriasis

In the nails. 

drop psoriasis

Psoriasis in drops. 

reverse psoriasis

 Reverse psoriasis 

postulose psoriasis

 Pustular psoriasis. 

Erythrodermic psoriasis.

Erythrodermic psoriasis. 


Psoriasic arthritis

What can cause or favor the onset of psoriasis?

Hereditary Background This factor is one of the most influential. The fact that one of your parents has psoriasis increases the chance of getting it. And if more than one family member has it, your chances of getting it are very likely to increase.  

Bacterial and viral infections. People with HIV are more likely to get psoriasis than people with a healthy immune system. Children and young adults with recurrent infections, particularly streptococcal tonsillitis, may also be at greater risk.

Stress. This state directly affects the decrease of your immune system, favoring the increased risk of developing this disease.

Obesity. Excess weight is a risk factor that favors the onset of psoriasis. Often these can occur in the folds and wrinkles of the skin.

Smoke. Tobacco increases the risk of suffering from psoriasis of suffering psoriasis and can also increase the severity of the disease.

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