to black dye two faces


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Tint hair color gradually, rIt regenerates and strengthens from the root.

dyed hair with black organ and walnut dye


  1. Protects and fixes the dark hair color
  2. Prolongs the dark hair color
  3. Stimulates growth
  4. Rekindle hair
  5. Reaffirms the color
  6. Protects, softens and brightens
  7. Liquid presentation

black dye and organ and walnut shampoo

Please note:

When using this product, it should be clarified that it begins to tint the color of gray hair after it has been constantly used and offers better results when combined with the Organ and Walnut Shampoo.

Some people report that until after the 2nd week they begin to see remarkable changes. This product is more effective in people who have dark colored hair. 

darkened hair with black organ and walnut dye

How to use: 

In the morning and with dry hair the vegetable dye is placed especially in the areas where there is more gray hair and do it slowly taking care not to stain the face and clothes and you can leave when the product dries, be careful not to wet the hair during the day and at night in the bathroom the product falls alone but it already took advantage of its benefits and also makes us look hair without gray hair.
to black dye two faces

Made in Mexico for Shelo Nabel

Net Cont. 240 mL