Slimming Thermo-Patch

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Slimming Thermo-Patch

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ331
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🎯 Discover the Tea and Ivy Extract Slimming Patch! An effective and fast solution to lose weight and tone the abdomen. 🌿

💪 This patch is the perfect combination of natural botanical ingredients. Not only is it safe and non-irritating, it provides a comfortable and breathable experience, without feeling wet or stuffy. 🌼🌱

🍵 The secret? The tea extract that helps restore and maintain delicate and firm skin, even in the most problematic areas. We also have the ivy extract that nourishes and hydrates your dry skin, keeping it soft, moist and elastic. 💦

🏆 Our patches work by uniformly blocking and reducing the absorption of fat, sugar and starch. They will help you burn the fat accumulated in your body, achieving an amazing slimming effect!🔥

✨ But that's not all! These patches are very easy to use: they are simply applied directly to the stomach one to every other day, for a period of 8 to 10 hours. We have packages of 30 pieces for a complete treatment. And if you want to maximize the results, we recommend a two-month course.📅

🏋️‍♂️🚫 Tired of diets and constant exercise? If you think that they are painful and difficult to maintain, you really need these slimming patches to help you achieve that admirable and healthy figure that everyone wants. They are especially suitable for those who lack time to exercise, have weakness or obesity problems.💯

🎉 Don't wait any longer! Give your body the care it deserves and get that toned abdomen you've been wanting so much with our private label slimming patches. Losing weight has never been so easy and exciting! 🥳

1. Clean and dry the abdomen area well before applying the patch.

2. Carefully peel back the protective foil from the patch.

3. Apply the patch directly to the belly button area, making sure it adheres well to the skin without any air bubbles.

4. Leave the patch on for 8 to 10 hours. We recommend applying it at night so that it works while you sleep.

5. Remove the patch the next morning. If you experience any difficulty removing it, lightly moisten the area with lukewarm water.

6. Clean the area again after removing the patch.

7. Apply a new patch once or every other day, as needed.

✅ Type of supply: OEM / ODM.
✅ Shape: Cream
✅ Feature: Weight loss.
✅ Ingredient: Herbal, Organic, Vegan.
✅ Product name: Slimming Thermo-Patch.
✅ Function: Slimming the body of weight loss.
✅ Advantage: Natural organic ingredients fast effect.
✅ Type: Slimming product.
✅ Packaging: 30 pieces/box.
✅ Shelf life: 3 years.

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exfoliating cream

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Slimming Thermo-Patch

Lucy Salazar


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Slimming Thermo-Patch

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