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benefits of the natural shampoo studded the reserve
Yeguada la Reserva natural shampoo Hair Loss prevention
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 reserve shampoo stud

Increase the thickness of your hair, accelerate growth and stop hair loss with just a bottle!

 What are the benefits of the Yeguada de la Reserva shampoo for hair growth?

Yeguada la Reserva is a Shampoo made with a Natural formula and with ingredients designed to help StrengthenNourish y Prevent fall premature hair. Thanks to its unique formula you can enjoy longer hair LongThick y Strong, in addition to increasing the volume and significantly improving the health of your hair.

shampoo la yeguada la reserva negro for hair loss and growth

Yeguada la Reserva shampoo is the only shampoo with Pearlescent - a unique ingredient that helps restore shine and vitality to dark hair. Each bottle contains 1 L which makes this the perfect shampoo for the whole family! Everyone can use Yeguada la Reserva, including MenBrigade women, people with painted hair and of all ages. 

benefits of the reserve stud shampoo for hair loss

How to use

With wet hair apply the shampoo from the scalp to the ends. Leave it without rinsing for 3 to 5 minutes making sure that it has time to work on the hair fiber. Repeat if necessary and rinse. 

shampoo anti fall and for hair growth studded the reserve

How long does it take to see results? 

Generally, results are seen from the first uses, for example, more shine in the hair, and cleaner hair leather. Later you will notice that your hair falls less when bathing and brushing. Since this shampoo from the Yeguada helps to strengthen the hair and follicle. With continuous use you will notice in a few weeks how your hair feels Stronger, Thicker, Longer and healthier.

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Remember that like any natural product individual results may vary.


Water, anionic surfactants, foam formers, aloe vera, thickener, conditioners, human PH, proteins, wetting agents and natural extracts.

Cont. Net 1 LT

Made in Mexico for the Yeguada la Reserva

 natural shampoo to grow your hair from 3 to 5 cm per month the stud farm the reserve