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Rapunzel Shampoo and Conditioner
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No salt, no sulfates and pesticides

Rapunzel Shampoo And Conditioner

Not only does Rapunzel Shampoo stop hair loss, it also rejuvenates damaged roots to promote the natural hair growth process. With a wide variety of herbal ingredients like rosemary and aloe vera, it provides your hair with many nutrients that prevent and repair damage caused by harsh chemicals. This product can also stop hair loss and stimulate growth of up to 5 inches per month. Prevents the appearance of dandruff and repairs damaged ends and hair.
Rapunzel Shampoo

How to use:

Moisten the hair with plenty of warm water. Apply the Rapunzel Formula shampoo and leave for 2 minutes, rinse after this time.

Rapunzel shampoo benefits


Water, sulfate-free eco-taf, Bergamot, Foam formers, Aloe vera, Royal jelly, Coconut extract, Biotin, nettle, Horsetail, Thickeners, Conditioners, Proteins, PH, Organic preservatives, Moisturizing agents, Fragrance and coloring Natural.

Rapunzel anti hair loss shampoo