Black organ and walnut shampoo

Shelo Nabel SKU: 42109756
champú de organo y nogal
champú de organo y nogal para cubrir las canas
champú de organo y nogal de shelo nabel

Black organ and walnut shampoo

Shelo Nabel SKU: 42109756
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Natural ingredients are the heart of our toning shampoo. The organ or as it is called in Mexico Chilayo, it is Known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it promotes a healthy scalp and combats hair loss. On the other hand, walnut is rich in essential fatty acids and potassium, which nourish hair and improve its texture. 🌿🥜

Featured Benefits:

  1. Gradual Toning: Achieve an intense and uniform black hair color gradually and naturally. 🎨
  2. Hair Regeneration: Strengthens and regenerates your hair from the roots, promoting healthy growth. 💪🌱
  3. Delay in the Appearance of Gray Hair: Enjoy a youthful hair color for longer, thanks to the delaying action on the appearance of gray hair. 👵➡️👩
  4. Deep Nutrition: Oregano and walnut extracts nourish your hair, providing essential nutrients for soft and shiny hair. 🌿🥜
  5. Friendly Formula: Without harmful chemicals, our herbal dye is friendly to your hair and scalp, allowing for safe and long-lasting use. 🌸🛡️

Transform your color routine with our 100% Herbal Organ Walnut Black Shampoo and reveal stronger, healthier and more vibrant hair. It's time to say goodbye to gray hair and say hello to rejuvenated hair color! 🎉🖤

Made in Mexico for Shelo Nabel

Net Cont. 240 mL

! Prolong the color!🤩

✅ In the morning and with dry hair, the vegetable dye is placed, especially in the areas where there is more gray hair.

✅ This procedure is carried out slowly, taking care not to stain your face or clothing.

✅ If you plan to go out, do so when the product dries, you must be careful not to wet your hair during the day since 85% of the product falls into the bathroom during hair washing.

Purified spring water, coconut glycoside, cocamidropyl betaine, organo and walnut extract, vitamin C, ethylegicol distearate, cocamide DEA, preservatives, methylchloroisothiazolinone, fragrance and color.

When using this product, it must be clarified that it begins to tone the color of gray hair after it has been used constantly and offers better results when combined with Organ and Walnut Shampoo.

Some people report that they begin to see notable changes even after the 2nd week. This product is most effective on people who have dark hair.

✔️ Protects and fixes dark hair color.

✔️ Prolongs dark hair color.

✔️ Stimulates growth.

✔️ Revives hair.

✔️ Firms the color.

✔️ Protects, softens and polishes.

✔️ Liquid presentation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Heladia Ruiz
Very good

I recommend it

Ofelia Salazar

I liked the shampoo, it leaves my hair soft.

Alejandro Trejo Figueroa
Really if it works

I saw a facebook commercial for this online store. By the way, the service and attention here are wonderful. Well, I saw the commercial and since I applied dyes to hide my gray hair at 52 years old, I decided to buy the product. After 2 weeks I noticed that my gray hair was no longer white, it had a dark gray color. It took me a month and a few more days to see the results. But I liked it a lot and the best thing is that my hair is healthier with more shine and it has even grown. Not to mention that I have not had to paint my hair anymore for me it has 5 stars I recommend it.

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