Mokeru color shampoo
natural shampoo to cover gray hair
natural dye to cover gray hair
mokeru color argan oil shampoo
natural hair dye
argan shampoo for brown hair
shampoo to paint brown hair
mokeru catalan hair shampoo

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Product description

Light and dark brown hair dye, long lasting. Made from Argan oil formulated in shampoo to cover gray hair and restore hair color.

color shampoo for you; go hair 

Mokeru argan oil color shampoo is a type of shampoo that can dye your hair for 5 to 25 minutes. And it is specially designed to make your hair shine. It only requires a normal washing process in the bathroom. The brown hair shampoo with argan oil does not contain toxic or invasive ingredients, it is a high-tech product. It also nourishes, protects and repairs the scalp. Compared with traditional dyeing, it has the advantage of not damaging the hair and saving time to notice results.

 How to use?

shampoo for tea; go gray hair by argan mokeru

1 convenient
Easy to use, wear gloves and squeeze the shampoo, rub for a few minutes, like using normal shampoo.
2 time saving
Use it only once and it will give you a bright brown hair for 5-25 minutes.
3 cost savings
Compared to the expensive cost of dyeing hair at the hairdresser, brown hair shampoo is more than 10 times cheaper.
Argan oil color shampoo to paint hair and dye gray hair
4. Natural and soft
Brown magic shampoo with natural argan oil, high quality is a hair product in a formula of natural luxury, there will be no side effects on the hair or scalp, when it gives you shiny brown hair. 

Mokeru color shampoo

5-25 minutes dye your hair. Including gloves!
Easy dye, easy wash,
Fast dyeing of long-lasting hair
Fashion! Easy! Convenient! To be different!

mokeru color shampoo

1. Avoid contact with eyes.
2. For external use only.
3. Keep out of reach of children.

mokeru brown hair shampoo

These products have Light brown and dark brown. Please write down the color you want. Thank you! And if you try to dye it, don't get the good effect, try again and wait about 25 minutes before washing it.


NOTE: This shampoo gives a coppery tone.