argan oil shampoo art naturals
argan oil herbal shampoo essences
shampoo to remove friz and sponge
shampoo to remove friz and sponge
nourishing argan oil of morocco what is it for
shampoo to prevent hair loss
shampoo to restore damaged hair and split ends
professional repair shampoo
argan oil repair shampoo

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natural argan oil shampoo

Argan Hair Queen's Shampoo
Reina Hair Shampoo (Queens Hair in English) is formulated from plant extracts (Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Japan Camellia Seed Oil and Karite Oil) within which 70% of the product's ingredients , is Argan oil. This is recognized for growing hair, which is responsible for giving strength, resistance to each hair fiber, so it provides great results if you have weak, damaged and non-growing hair.

nourishing argan oil of morocco what is it for
This contains many nutrients and vitamins that help to regenerate and repair the hair.This is due to the antioxidants it contains such as vitamin E, Vitamin C, in addition to fatty acids, Omega 3, 6, 9, linoleic acid, which penetrate the hair. scalp delivering the necessary nutrients that favor hair reconstruction and hair growth.

argan oil shampoo art naturals
Repair dry and battered tips.
Offers soft, silky and shiny hair.
It gives strength to the root and protects the hair from external damage.   
Control and eliminate Frizz.
Detangle the hair.

shampoo to remove friz and sponge
Maintains the color of the dyes longer.
Deliver strength and flexibility to hair fibers.
It acts as a protective layer on the hair for the heat caused by the straightening irons.
It is used to fight dandruff and regulate sebum production in the scalp.
Smoothes hair naturally.
Prevents the fall and accelerates hair growth. 

argan oil shampoo
Please note: When you start using Argan shampoo, the first results will take a few days to arrive.
Because for the results to be seen, first the shampoo has to dispose of all previous waste.
Once the waste is eliminated, you will begin to see how the hair takes new life. It gets more shiny and silky.
If you were losing hair, you will surely stop falling.
Free of chemical ingredients and sodium sulfate.

shampoo to restore damaged hair and split ends
Daily use: Rinse hair with warm water. Pour 3 to 5 ml of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Use the fingertips to massage and distribute the foam through the scalp and hair. Leave the product to act for a couple of minutes and rinse with warm water.


shampoo to restore battered hair and split ends ingredients
10% coconut oil and water glutamate, 5% coconut oil glycoside, 5% coconut oil propyl betaine amide, 70% spiny Argan seed oil, 5% Japan Camellia seed oil, Butter extract of shea 5%
Suitable for all types of hair.

Argan shampoo for battered hair
Production date see package
3 year shelf life
Made in the USA for La Niquereña
Cont. Net. 300 ml

Queen hair kit