Natural hair dye with applicator
shampoo with dye to color gray hair
Natural Hair Dyes
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natural dyes for gray hair
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5 natural dyes to cover gray hair
natural hair dyes
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natural dyes for gray hair
natural dye for gray hair
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Advantages of applicator hair dyes

The new shampoo with natural hair dye, with a high-tech applicator, offers a uniform and long-lasting dyeing, taking advantage of the properties offered by its vegetable formula. This new way of coloring hair uses a button to activate the dye outlet and a comb-shaped applicator to evenly distribute it. This excellent dye is low in ammonia and offers high quality, long-lasting color. We must also emphasize that this product does not produce contamination or hair damage. It does not have a bad smell, if not; a light fragrance, with a floral scent.  

shampoo for black hair with gray hair


  1. Low ammonia, long lasting unique permanent hair color
  2. It contains a stable ingredient, locks the color factors in the inner layer of the hair, the color is natural, and it can help to color the hair accurately.
  3. Contains multiple natural herbal essence, which can greatly reduce hair damage, effectively protect your hair, non-allergic hair dye.
  4. It contains many kinds of hair tonic compound molecules, which can penetrate the inner layer of the hair and provide double care for your hair to make your hair shiny and smooth.
tinted shampoo with applicator


  1. This product should be kept in the shade and avoid direct sunlight
  2. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact, wash the eyes with plenty of water.
  3. In case of ingestion, get medical help or contact a poison control center immediately.
  4. Stop using this product if you begin to experience itching, allergies, or eczema on your scalp.
  5. Do not use on wounds or injured areas.
shampoo hair color applicator

How to use:

  1. Assemble the upper part of the applicator with the lower part, make sure to hear the joining clip before starting to use.
  2. Shake the product and start the application, with your hair completely dry. Press the button at the top and spread the product evenly, using the applicator throughout your hair.
  3. Let it act for about 45 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.
  4. Apply conditioner preferably you can use the Reina Hair conditioner.
  5. Enjoy hair with excellent shine and a uniform and natural color.
shampoo for black hair with gray hair

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Okra Extract, Citric Acid, Black Beans among others.

Quick Details

Certification: CNAS, SCDC, SGS, GMPC

Effect: Permanent

Place of origin: China

Function: Black hair comb

Feature: Ultra Easy to Dye

Product name:

Name: hair dye shampoo with applicator

Cont. Net. 100ml

Advantage: Easy application and washing

Genre: Unisex  

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