ouro linen silk
ouro brand linen silk
ouro linen silk
linen silk for ouro hair dryers and irons
ouro linen silk

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linen silk for irons and dryers

The flax extract hair silk strengthens and softens the hair while protecting it from damage caused by factors such as the environment and heat-emitting hair accessories such as electric irons and dryers. This excellent product softens the hair and at the same time helps to repair the hair fiber (weak hair, split ends, Frizz and Sponge). This product is an excellent and economical solution to maintain healthy, hydrated and beautiful hair.

Linen silk ouro protection to the maximum coun irons and dryers


This hair silk also offers protection against frequent use of dyes, heat from irons and dryers.

maximum protection against ouro irons and dryers

Offers shine and moisturizes the capillary surface.

Strengthens thin and brittle hair

Linen silk against dyes

It provides silkiness and an aspect of volume, which makes your hair look incredibly beautiful.  

ouro linen silk









How to use

Apply to dry or wet hair. Use sparingly. Have a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub palm against palm and give a light massage on the hair.

ouro linen silk


Cyclotetrasiloxane, dimethicone, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, phenyltrimethicone, fragrance, BHT, Linum L. Usitassimmum.

Cont. Net 65 ML

Made in Mexico for Ouro