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The NiQuereña
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Features of the Hot Air Brush Hair Dryer

The 1000 watt power provides the correct heat. Unlike other hair dryers, this volumizer can be placed closer to the scalp for lift and volume.

Hair dryer curler comb, hot air brush

The nylon pins used for brushing are made up of comfortable bristles and ball tips. These gently detangle the hair and at the same time help to hold the hair at the curved edges; improving volume, hair control and providing spectacular straightening and a more uniform intense shine.

hot air brush

Negative ion tourmaline technology saturates the airflow to reduce the size of water droplets for faster drying. This helps condition, straighten hair, while reducing frizz and static. It also favors the sealing of the hair's natural oils, thus protecting it from repeated exposure to heat and helping it to restore.

3-in-1 hair dryer brush

The heat emission is produced by ceramic heaters that favor the saving of electrical energy and up to 60% of the blowing time for drying the hair. It has a speed control ranging from hot, medium and cold; allowing you to easily regulate the power and thus enjoy a unique experience during molding and straightening at home.

hot air volumizing brush


Color: pink red

Lining Material: ceramics

Power cord length: 2m, 360 degree rotation

Net weight: 1.3lb

Size: 12.4x4.3x1.9inch

Optional plug: EU plug / US plug

Wind speed gear: 3 speed settings

Temperature: 60 ℃ - 120 ° C

Applicable power supply: 110V / 220-240

Power: 50-60Hz / 1000w

Body: lightweight, unique ergonomic shape.

Straightening brush, curling iron, hair dryer


1. The third gear wind is free to change.

2. Choose the wind and temperature according to your needs to reduce hair damage and create different styles.

3. Negative ion care, helps reduce static frizz and leaves hair soft and shiny.

4. The shell material is smooth and textured, and the grip is adapted to the La Palma line.

5. Streamlined design, user-friendly and easy to hold when using, long-term use without acidic hands.

6. Global hot, many hot air combs

7. Tourmaline anion technology makes hair healthier.

8. Helps reduce hair moisture, accelerate drying, reduce damage, also reduce hair and static electricity, making hair smooth and shiny.

Hair dryer brush

Included in the package:  

1 X hair dryer

1 x manual