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osmotic paper
Osmotic compression bandages are ideal for a total body transformation. Use on arms, thighs, stomach and / or legs. This compression wrap works as a thermogenic wrap that fights cellulite and fat cells. The combination and daily use of the CREAM FOR CELLULITE AND REDUCING MASSAGES and the compression wrap will stimulate diffusion and osmosis in the body. So metabolic waste and cellular toxins can get out of problem areas more quickly.
Osmotic Paper Roll


Osmotic role
New and high quality.
Made of high quality plastic, fine material, so it would not cause any discomfort.
Very elastic, good adherence to hold it to the body.
Wear it on the waist to make you sweat, this will cause the fats to break down.
It easily conforms to the shape of your skin and is very easy to use.


Can be used with weight loss cream, slimming gels, and massage products.
Easy to wear or take off.
Reusable and washable?
Dimensions: 25cm x 60 cm (approx.).

Thermo Shaper Osmotic plastic body wrap