mask with collagen for expression lines
anti acne snail slime mask
collagen facial whitening mask
collagen hydrating snail mask
snail slime facial mask
snail slime face mask


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snail slime mask with collagen

This product is enriched with whitening and hydrating ingredients and has a refreshing, oil-free texture to deeply hydrate the skin.

It can also effectively promote the generation of collagen in your skin, repair sunburn, minimize pores, lighten blemishes, remove wrinkles and acne.

This incredible mask offers excellent results if you are looking to brighten, hydrate and restore your skin. In addition to making her younger, energetic and healthier looking.

 Mask benefits

  • Can clear acne
  • Can whiten your skin
  • It has an anti-aging effect.
  • Can brighten your skin
whitening & Moisturizing facial mask


Step 1:  clean your facial skin.

Step 2: Open the envelope, remove the mask, expand, correctly place the mask on your face, press gently against your face to create a perfect fit.

Step 3: Leave the mask on for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the mask and pat the excess absorbent fluid gently.

Step 5: Use 2-3 times a week for best effects.

snail slime mask with collagen


After rinsing off the mask, without washing, the residual pulp can be used in essence with an open face, then gently massage the skin to slowly absorb and finally rub water on the skin for a longer lasting effect.

Main Product Ingredient

snail facial mask

Snail mucin

One of the most used ingredients in the current cosmetic market; is the Snail Mucin, this essence contains up to 96% filtered snail slime, which has been shown to offer the following improvements and benefits for the care of our skin.

snail slime mask with collagen

 Benefits: of the Snail Mucina

  • Helps produce collagen and elastin, which repair the signs of skin aging.
  • It is excellent for hydrating the skin as it contains hyaluronic acid (a moisturizing ingredient that draws water to the outer layers of the skin).
  • Improves wound healing, diminishes fine lines and eliminates wrinkles
  • It has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for fighting acne-causing bacteria.
  • It contains glycolic acid which helps gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and revealing newer, non-pigmented cells.

Specification: 10 face sheets per pack


snail slime mask with collagen