Mascara and Fibers Long and Bushy Eyelashes DDK 4D Lashes
Eyelash Mask DDk 4D Lashes
Eyelash Mask Ddk 4d for makeup
Mascara For Eyelashes Mascara Extension Effect Eyelashes 4D
4 d eyelash mascara
4D mask to lengthen the eyelashes
4D waterproof mask
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4D Silk fiber mascara for eyelashes
4d lengthening mask for eyelashes
4d waterproof eyelash lengthening mask

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With just one application, the 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash mascara provides an instant increase in volume and length to the eyelashes. The unique formulation behind the mask ensures that the eyelashes remain wonderfully long, thick, bulky and dark throughout the day. Say goodbye to the awkward false eyelashes!

4D mascara

The water resistant and stain-proof formula does not end up migrating under the eyes, but remains unstained or detached. It consists only of natural ingredients that keep the eyes safe from any allergy. The beautiful packaging makes it ideal for gifts, if you can bear to separate from it.

With just one application, the 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara gives an instant boost of volume and length to the eyelashes


INSTANT VOLUME AND LENGTH: deeply pigmented and instantly create wonderfully dramatic and bold eyelashes with just one application that highlights the beauty of your eyes and complements your overall makeup look

chinese 4d eyelash mask

STAY IN THE PLACE ALL DAY: Water resistant and stain proof to ensure that your eyelashes remain wonderfully long, thick and bulky throughout the day through rain, tears and sweat.

4d lashes mask

NATURAL AND HYPOALLERGENIC: It contains soft ingredients that are safe and friendly for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Beutiful eyelashes senana mask

APPLICATION AND EXTRACTION WITHOUT EFFORT: bar over all lashes without agglomerating, peeling or drying, creating attractive and flawless eyelashes with a single application.

The advanced thickener formula creates softer and fuller looking eyelashes

Small round bottle for easy transport.

It allows you to quickly make up your eyebrows at any time.

DDK 4D Cold Lash Makeup Cream Mask


Type: 4D silk fiber mascara


Net Weight: 13g