Body slimming and relaxing massage machine

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Body slimming and relaxing massage machine

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ5341
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Relaxing and body reducing massage machine provides the same effect as exercise by reducing weight and body fat, it also relieves and relaxes sore muscles. This high-tech machine provides you with the most innovative and easy way to exercise and relax at the same time. It can also be used to remove calluses from feet and heels, just select the right head and enjoy a (SPA) from the comfort of your home.

The ergonomic streamlined body design makes it easy to remove fat from the waist, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs.

High frequency vibration dislodges fats, resulting in fat breakdown and fat reduction.

✅ Cable length: 145 cm.

✅ Machine dimension: 17 cm x 11 cm x 14 cm

✅ Input voltage: 110V / 220V, 50Hz

✅ Max Watt: 25W

✅ Speed: 2500RPM

✅ Material: ABS/PVC

✅ 360 degree offset axis design

This multifunctional new generation massager is designed with a power speed regulator, two massage heads and head caps to prevent hair from tangling. The wavy massage attachment is designed for deep massage of acupuncture points to strengthen blood circulation and improve body function. Its ball-type roller massage attachment is designed for oil massage. This massager is ideal for shoulder massage, abdominal massage, hip massage, armpit relaxation, calf massage, thigh massager, foot massager and head massage.

✔️ Wavy accessory.

✔️ Mesh cover accessory.

✔️ Flat accessory.

✔️ Micro filling accessory.

✔️ Attached roller.

✔️ Callus remover accessory.

Features of the body massager😲

This innovative machine provides arthritis relief and controls diabetes and blood pressure. It helps generate inner strength throughout the body by improving blood circulation. Helps relieve back pain, muscle pain, and neuralgia by strengthening the spine and joints.

1. Insert the wall plug of a compatible power source.

2. Turn the knob (Power and speed regulator) to start the massager, you can turn it clockwise to adjust the speed from low to high, and turn it counterclockwise to turn off the device.

3. After use, please turn off all switches and remove the plug from the outlet.

1. Suitable for use on all parts of the body.

2. Light, manageable and convenient.

3. Streamlined design, aesthetic exterior design.

4. Easy to use, it helps relieve pain and relax muscles while having a slimming effect.

5. The multi-purpose handheld massager comes with interchangeable heads:

👉 Brand: Relax & Spin Tone.

👉 Product Type: Full Body Massager

👉 Features: premium quality.

👉 Ideal for daily use.

👉 Ideal for problems related to muscle pain, fat reduction and toning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ismeri Bonome
massage machine

Easy to use and really works great. I like how you feel and see the result.

It just worked for me a few days

Thank God they will replace it

Gabriela Herrera

Body slimming and relaxing massage machine

not manageable

It has very good vibration but the grip handle is not manageable. Good grip after 3 minutes your hand is exhausted on the price is more expensive than anywhere else, for what if it served me 100% it was for my feet I do an excellent job.

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