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Four-claw eyebrow pencil for makeup, special natural ingredients waterproof dye, 4-head hairpin tip design for long-lasting eyebrows with painless 3D tattoo look.

waterproof 3d eyebrow pencil


Type: Liquid Eyebrow Enhancer Pen

Long-lasting eyebrow, like a painless tattoo

Color: light coffee, dark coffee, brown coffee, gray

Net Weight: 5,5g

4-point waterproof eyebrow filler pencil


Long lasting and waterproof.

Special 4-head fork tip design, fine brow contour portrayed

4-pointed eyebrow pencil


Gently apply the pen to draw the outline of the eyebrow and continue to color in evenly along the eyebrow shape. Draw the last step to create vivid and natural eyebrows.

eyebrow liner pencil

People with few eyebrows or underpopulated:

First, sweep to define the shape of the eyebrow outline, then gently to define the eyebrows from a sparse area.

Finally, use the filled pen and fill in the color at a 45-degree angle evenly, to create perfectly copious brows with a three-dimensional look.  

3 point waterproof 4d eyebrow pencil


There are 4 colors you can choose. This is a new eyebrow pencil with unique 4-pointed design, like 3D effect tattooing eyebrow pencil.

eyebrow pencil

Durable and waterproof: water wash no fade, waterproof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof for a whole day, don't worry about makeup loss.

3d Eyebrow Pen

1 Liquid Eyebrow Tattoo Enhancer Pen

4-pointed eyebrow coloring pencil 3d