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kogic acid lightening soap
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anti-stain kojic acid soap

Kojico soap is a powerful skin whitening soap made from Kojic Acid; which is also known as Sake or Japanese rice wine. The function of this product is based on an energetic exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin, revealing a much whiter and softer tone underneath. Exfoliation plays a key role in skin whitening because if your skin is not exfoliated regularly, dead skin cells start to build up and no matter what whitening product you use on your skin, it just won't work.

The best thing about using a Kojic Acid soap is that it is an exfoliator and skin whitening agent and at the same time, it can influence the permanent elimination of cloth, age and sun stains, as well as fade old scars and avoid the tone and dark areas. This is recommended for people who want to have whiter, brighter and smoother skin every day.

soap to lighten sunburned skin


This is amazing soap! Not only does it whiten your skin, it also softens it. It can permanently remove skin blemishes; Fade old scars and avoid dark skin tone. This is recommended for people who want to have whiter, brighter and smoother skin every day.

Korean skin lightening soap

Suitable for use on face and body

Among its ingredients it contains moisturizing coconut oil, it prepares the skin for maximum absorption of kojic acid or (Rice Wine).

It works very well at fading the appearance of age spots, freckles and other signs of sun damage. So its use is not recommended for people who stay in the sun for a long time, due to its high content of vitamin C.

Reduces the appearance of red spots and scars.

korean skin lightening soaps kojico

DIRECTIONS: Lather kojic acid bleach soap and apply to treatment areas. Leave the soap on for up to 30 seconds.

Apply once a day and increase to twice a day if well tolerated. If dryness occurs, follow with a moisturizer.

SECURITY: Before using kojic acid soap, perform a POINT TEST to assess sensitivity as follows: Soap the bleach soap and apply it to the intended area of ​​use for up to 30 seconds. If a rash, burning, tingling, or inflammation occurs, immediately remove the product from the skin and discontinue use.

kojic rice soap


Titem type: soap

Net Weight: 65g

Ingredient: kojic acid soap

Soap type: craft soap

Quantity: 1PC X 2 Soaps Bleachedore