Dark area lightening soap
Whitening Soaps
natural soap for face blemishes
soap removes stains from the skin
Whitening Soaps
Natural soap to lighten dark areas
Dark spot remover whitening soap
Organic clarifying soap
soap removes stains from the face
Aichun Beauty Whitening Armpit, Knee and Intimate Zone Soap
natural soap for face blemishes
bleaching soap

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thai skin whitening soap


This product is enriched with multiple extracts of bleaching plants that cleanse the skin, quickly removes dead cells, dirt and odor from the armpits and the body. It prevents the symptoms of aging due to its rich collagen content. Visibly cleanses and whitens the skin, it is also suitable for the knees and the triangle area.

Type: whitening soap

Size: 9,5 x 3,5 x 6 cm
Net weight: 100g
Quantity: 1 pcs

lightening soap
1. Visibly lightens the neck, legs, feet, back, arms, armpits, intimate area, etc.
2. The product contains natural extracts, effectively reduces open or rough skin pores.

3. Softens the skin and prevents the appearance of dull or dark-colored skin.

4. Effectively whitens skin and gives it a beautiful tone, makes skin look smoother, whiter and more flexible

5. Works on melanin helping to fade dark spots and marks.

Powerful Whitening Lightening Soap for Face and Skin

Method of use:
1. Take the product, add a little water and make a lather, then gently massage the body and face skin with lather, rinse with water.
2. The skin helps to remove dark spots and pigmentation, it also cleanses the skin of dead cells and sucage.

Whitening soap to lighten dark areas