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Shelo Nabel mineral ice
Refreshing and relaxing spray. Ideal for before and after physical activity, for people who feel physical discomfort and for treatments with girdles and bandages.
mineral ice for knee pains
  • Auxiliary pain in neck, back, waist. 
  • Effective for tired feet. 
  • Excellent decongestant. 
  • Stimulates circulation. 
  • Deflate the belly. 
  • Cold colic assistant.
  • It reduces muscle aches due to: rheumatism, tiredness, sprains, bumps, exercise, arthritis, varicose veins and coldness. 
  • Cold thermotherapy in sport.
  • Auxiliary in case of tiredness and heaviness
  • Soothes pain related to growth in children.

mineral ice for back pain

It favors weight loss
The application of ice on the skin also promotes fat burning and allows reduce several sizes, as long as they are combined with a healthy and varied diet and with the frequent practice of physical exercise.

Pinterest Muscle relaxing mineral ice suitable for shelo nabel athletes

Mode of use

Spray in the painful or inflamed area and allow the product to be absorbed outdoors for 5 minutes or more.  

Presentation of 250 ml

Made in Mexico for Shelo Nabel.