reducing gel sucks tummy
Reducing Gel Sucks Tummy - Body Care
reinforced gel sucks tummy
Reducing gel for the abdomen sucks belly
Ginger Reinforced Gel Sucks Tummy
gel to reduce the abdomen sucks belly
Chupa Panza Ginger Gel + Bamitol Fat Burning

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(Try this product and you won't believe what it will happen with your fat) 

Gel Rreinforced eductor ginger 

100% Natural


This excellent reducing gel, in addition to eliminating toxins is perfect for use before exercise, helps to eliminate accumulated fat in the body and detoxifies pores overnight.

Ginger Lollipop Gel

Gel Benefits:

  1. Reduce waist 
  2. Reduce sizes
  3. Remove Fat
  4. Deflate
  5. Eliminate sagging
  6. Eliminate Cellulite
  7. Remove Toxins
  8. Attenuates stretch marks 
  9. Eliminate colic 
  10. Ideal for postpartum

Reinforced gel sucks belly

 How to use:

1-Dip a towel in hot water, squeeze it, and place it on your belly. 

(This will allow your pores to open.)

2-Remove the towel and apply the gel throughout your abdomen.

3-Later it covers with an elastic bandage, it stays like this for 6 hours or all night. After that time remove with cold water.

4-Do this routine every day and enjoy the results you will get after two weeks.  

reducing gel sucks tummy reinforced


Ginger Extract


Ginkgo Biloba



ginger gel suck paunch

 Cont. Net 250 g

Made in Mexico for La Niquereña