FD- Maitake
FD- Maitake by Shelo Nabel
Maitake by Shelo Nabel
FD- Maitake by Shelo Nabel

FD- Maitake

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"Fluid Extract"

FD- Maitake
Maitake, Reishi and Shitake, are food in full expansion thanks to its incredible ability to enhance the functioning of the body, especially in the immune system.

FD- Maitake

The first two, moreover, are used as dietary supplements in oriental medicine for therapeutic purposes. Reishi and Shitake have always been used in Asian countries for their anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant qualities. 

Homgo maitake

Maitake is a fungus used in these regions for its immune system strengthening properties.
Maitake intake prevents the development of cancer in 22% and the appearance of metastases in 81.3%, which suggests that it may contribute to the reduction of cancer risks.

cancellation of the cance with Maitake

This combination of ingredients makes FD – Maitake a powerful immunostimulant.
1- Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and high glucose levels, helps control blood pressure, prevents malignancy of healthy cells, prevents formation of cystic fibrosis, prevents metastasis, slows tumor growth, prevents depression, offers well-being, vitality, strength and vigor.

FD- Maitake to prevent deprecation

2-It will help you relax from the inside, ideal for high blood pressure, relieve stress and thereby prevent or assist in the relief of gastritis and colitis.

regulate blood pressure with Maitake

3-It is also very effective for quickly healing wounds in diabetic skin or skin ulcers. Just by applying a few drops daily on the affected area you will begin to see how the skin of people with diabetes heal immediately.

FD- Maitake for eridas in diabetic feet

Maitake Extract, Shitake Extract, Reishi Extract, Cat's Claw (Uncaria Tormentosa), Graviola Extract (Anniona Muricata).

Maitake for a healthy body


How to use:

Take 10 to 20 drops a day, diluted in the liquid of your choice.

 FD- Maitake by shelo nabel

Liquid to dilute
Cont. Net 30 ml