Girdle to slim the chin and reduce double chin

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ2686
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Faja para adelgazar el rostro

Girdle to slim the chin and reduce double chin

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ2686
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A contoured face firm says more than a thousand words!

Enjoy our Girdle to slim the chin and reduce double chin and feel the power of compression on your face without discomfort or pain. 

1. Ideal for cosmetic surgeries (neck, chin, ears).

2. Helps firm and tone facial tissues.

3. Recommended for reductive treatments in jowls and neck.

4. Easy to put on and take off.

5. Soft inner cotton lining that
Provides freshness and comfort.

6. Made with high quality materials which guarantees resistance and durability

1) Do not wear while sleeping! Do not use in the bathroom! Adjust the tension of the girdle, without causing discomfort or obstructing or tightening the tonsil glands and the digestive or respiratory tract.

2) It is recommended to use for 20-40 minutes each time, if there is facial discomfort, immediately remove the girdle.

3) After adapting, gradually increase the use time.


When using it, be careful with nails, so as not to scratch the fabric.

When you feel tight, consider whether the adjustment is appropriate.

Do not use on wounds, or in children, nor do we recommend the use of pregnant women, people who suffer from heart disease, hypertension and any skin disease.

Care and Washing

We recommend washing the girdle with water below 40 degrees, not using bleaching products that contain chlorine or other strong derivatives. Do not dry the girdle at high temperatures and protect it from sharp objects. We recommend hand washing for long lasting durability. And natural drying in the open air.

Designed with special fabrics and an ergonomic design to exert balanced pressure and accelerate facial blood circulation through pressure therapy.

It reduces the volume of fat cells, offers facial correction to the face, decreasing sagging and strengthening the muscles of the face.

Product Parameters:

- Product Name: Face Slimming Shaping Belt

- Net weight: 54g

- Material: 100% polyester

- Available in size: about 56-60 cm (head circumference measurement)

- Product length: 65cm

- Package content:

- 2 pcs * face slimming shaping belt.

Shaper and firming belt for the face, from the cheekbones to the jowls and chin. This offers a three-dimensional improvement to the face, sculpting these areas and offering a more defined facial profile. This makes the facial muscle stronger and memorizes a younger muscle position. Making the face in better condition and the skin is not loose.

Its humanized design of pierced ears with smooth adjustable buckle, it is comfortable to wear. The chin part is Low elastic made with artificial rubber material.

It does not produce any pain in the chin! It can be used while relaxing, watching TV or during leisure time or when doing housework. Any time is the right time to create a charming little face.

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Paola Soto

Excellent experience!

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