Three Velcro Girdle
postpartum girdle
body shaper
Girdle to mold the waist
wasp waistband
three velcro belt to mold the body
3 velcro girdle for exercise
three velcro belt black
Girdle of three velcro and gel sucks belly
three velcro girdle to reduce abdomen
girdle shape the waist
body shaper


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3 Velcro Girdle
This belt can be worn by women or men. 

This belt provides a number of benefits mentioned below.  

Ideal for exercise. It is recommended to use it during training or development of exercises either at home or in specialized centers for exercise, such as Gym or during household chores. 

For postpartum

After childbirth, the woman goes through a season in which her stomach is inflamed or flaccid. This girdle helps restore the state of your abdomen. 

3 velcro belt

Posture correction.

Maintaining correct postures has become very difficult. The habit of adopting incorrect postures is programmed in our subconscious and makes it difficult for us to change these habits. The daily use of this belt reprograms our mind and helps us adopt new and correct positions, also protects our backs from lessons.    

 Flatten Belly and disappears chubby.

The use of this belt offers an incredible thermo reducing benefit, excellent for burning belly fat or the well-known fish markets.  

3 velcro belt postpartum

Shape your body

The pressure exerted by this belt creates a molding in your body, decongesting the accumulated fat.

Bust Lift

Does not wind up 

Lumbar support. 

Upper and lower abdomen control.

woman with 3 velcro belt

Reduce sizes.

With daily use mold your figure.

Avoid sagging.

Please note:  Use it with the Gel Suck Tummy and get better results 

Chupa Panza gel

Chupa Panza reducing gel