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Elastic girdle to slim the face and double chin
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Chinrest Girdle Reducer Anti-wrinkle Double Chin and Cheek
shapewear for slimming face
girdle to outline the face and reduce double chin
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double chin girdle

The double chin facial slimming girdle is the ideal solution to contour the face and reduce double chin. This belt is designed using the lycra fabric, which makes it soft, breathable and stretchy.

double chin reducing girdle


Physically lifts the double chin, perfect facial contours, improves the masseter muscles and prevents sagging of the cheeks. Suitable for contouring cheeks and jaw.
Facelift and slim face. Perfectly reduces double chin, creating a perfect V-shaped chin and slim face.

Double Chin Reducing and Firming Facial Girdle

No side effects on the skin: This face lift belt can improve your face shape with simple physical methods without causing any side effects and without causing any damage to the skin without causing allergic reactions.

This slimming belt helps lift and support your facial skin, making your face slimmer, younger, and more attractive.

Chinrest Reduces Double Chin

How to use:

  1. Wash your face
  2. Use it and remove it after 30 to 60 minutes later. (The skin will sweat with heat).
  3. Wash your face again.


  • Wash below 40 degree centigrade water
  • No bleach
  • Hanging in the shade
  • Stay away from sharp objects.
  • Hand wash with neutral detergent.
Girdle to reduce double chin