Milk Thistle Extract from Shelo Nabel
milk thistle extract sheló Nabel
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milk thistle shelo nabel
milk thistle shelo nabel
milk thistle extract
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Did you know that milk thistle has been traditionally used as a liver protector?

Milk thistle by shelo nabel

It is a good anti-inflammatory liver and helps regenerate, but also acts on other diseases of the body such as cholesterol, menstrual discomfort or constipation.

 Properties of milk thistle

milk thistle extract for liver

Milk thistle stands out, among others, for the following properties: It helps with the treatment and protection of diseases of the liver and gallbladder, such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver or liver failure.

 fatty liver

 Protects our body from snake and insect bites. 

insect bites

Reduce high cholesterol levels.

It helps relieve discomfort and menstrual problems, as it favors abdominal and genital circulation.

menstrual problems

Reduces excess iron in the body

It has antioxidant power, fighting the damage caused by free radicals.

Decrease the risk of diabetes. 

Improves dyspepsia and heartburn. 

It potentiates the medication used against some types of cancer. 

Benefits of milk thistle

 milk thistle plant

  • Milk thistle is beneficial for the liver, as it protects it from toxins by stimulating the growth of new tissues. This protection is important to eliminate the biological poisons of our organism. 
  • It stimulates the production of a substance called "glutathione," which is a detoxifier of the cells in the stomach, liver, and intestines.
  • In addition, it strengthens the outer membranes of the cells helping the toxins not to penetrate them.
  • It also provides us with benefits for our heart, reducing the risk of heart disease by reducing high cholesterol levels.

 What is milk thistle for 

Milk thistle is especially useful in the following cases: 

  • In cases of liver failure, acute and chronic hepatitis, and cirrhosis 
  • For fatty liver. 
  • In the gallbladder, to prevent the appearance of stones and to help dissolve gallstones, favoring the outflow of bile to the intestines. 
  • For arterial hypotension. 
  • To lower high cholesterol levels. 
  • In topical applications, for erythema and skin aging. 

Advantages of milk thistle 

One of the most outstanding advantages of milk thistle is its antioxidant and anti-aging power, which is up to 10 times higher than vitamin E. 

It also has a laxative effect, which makes it an ally to treat cases of constipation. 

It is advised in the abundant rules, since it acts as an antihemorrhagic, improving abdominal and genital circulation. 

In addition, milk thistle lacks dand toxic effects for our body.

fatty liver and healthy liver

How to use:

Dose of 10 to 20 drops daily, in three doses, between meals, not with them.

A consecutive 2-week treatment is recommended. It is the time that the organism requires to exercise a complete detoxification.


Box with jar 

Dropper with 30 ML

Made in Mexico for Shelo Nabel.