Remove dead skin from feet, elbows, and knee
remove dead skin from the feet
the best spa for your feet
get soft and delicate feet
Exfoliate your feet
for soft feet
remove dead skin of the feet
you exfoliated bioacua
foot care cream

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The most advanced scrub - with immediate effects after application.

Bioaqua foot scrub
  • Remove dead skin from feet, elbows and knee minutes after applying.
  • Softens and moisturizes the skin creating a silky and shiny surface.
  • 60% karite oil extract 30% avocado oil extract and 10% Natural Polymers, the natural ingredients prevailing in this product.
Foot Care bioaqua

How to use:

Apply the scrub on the area to be treated. Rub with your hands in a circular shape exerting slight friction. This will help to relax your feet since the exfoliating cream will penetrate the skin. Remove dead skin with one-way movements. Clean lightly with a cotton pad or a damp towel. And do not rinse, let the avocado oil it contains helps hydrate the skin.

Bioaqua scrub