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Hygrdientes MeiYanQiong Neck Care Cream
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Firming cream for neck and double chin


Neck wrinkles form as the skin becomes saggy due to the absence of collagen and elastin. Our anti-wrinkle moisturizer for the neck offers a quick and effective solution to smooth and eliminate these horizontal lines that form in this area of ​​our body.

This cream with a smooth and easily absorbed texture provides a super moisturizing power that turns the lines and sagging of our neck into a soft and light skin thanks to its natural ingredients, especially the essence of shea butter. It also acts on dry or water-deficient skin, providing hydration, this makes the neck radiant, rejuvenated and smooth.    

remove wrinkles on the neck

Usage method:

  1. After cleaning, apply a suitable amount to the neck.
  2. Gently massage until absorbed

Applicable skin: a variety of skin.

Please note:

If you find skin discomfort, please stop using them.

Storage condition:

Keep away from light to avoid direct sunlight

firming neck and breast cream for sagging


Water propylene glycol, sorbitol, dimethicone, dimethiconol, hydrogenated polydecene, glycerin, glycerylpolymethacrylate, pvm / ma copolymer, cl0-30 acrylate acrylates / crospolymer, methyl, triethanolamine, polysorbate 60 isosperbiteca butostearate (shea butterbite) XNUMX polysorbateum parkiyteca butyl isostearate. Methylparaben, Hydroxyacetophenone, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodiomyaluronate, Parfum.

MeiYanQiong neck care cream

Benefit: Nourishes and hydrates soft and delicate

Quantity: 1 cream per package 

Cont. Net: 40g