herbal cream for hemorrhoids

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Pomadas para las hemorroides externas e internas
Crema para hemorroides
Pomada para las hemorroides
Crema de hemorroides y fisura
las almorranas cremas
crema herbal para las hemorroides
hemorroides síntomas y causas
pomada para hemorroides

herbal cream for hemorrhoids

dictate SKU: LNQ2019
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Hemorrhoids or piles are a set of inflamed tissues in the anal area. They contain blood vessels, connective tissue, muscle, and elastic fibers. Many people suffer from hemorrhoids, but the symptoms are not always obvious. Hemorrhoids cause noticeable symptoms in at least 50 percent of Americans, under the age of 50.

The good news is that this cream formulated based on plant extracts effectively cures hemorrhoids, anal fissure, prolapse of the anus. Quickly detoxifies and deflates, stops bleeding and pain. It breaks down swelling and quickly relieves itching, burning and discomfort. It removes putrefactive tissues and promotes the growth of new tissues. Reduces inflamed hemorrhoidal tissues and quickly regenerates anal fissures. 

People with hemorrhoids may experience the following symptoms:

You may feel a hard, painful lump around your anus.

May contain coagulated blood. Hemorrhoids that contain blood are called thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

After having a bowel movement, a person with hemorrhoids may feel that the intestines are still full.

After defecation, bright red blood may appear.

You may feel pain, itching, and redness in the area around the anus.

You may feel pain when you have a bowel movement.

✅ Deflates swollen and inflamed tissue in and around the anus.

✅ Calms pain and stops excessive anal bleeding.

✅ Remove bacteria that stay around the anus.

✅ Calms itching and undoes redness in the anal area.

Take the proper amount of the product and apply it to the affected area.

Repeat the above procedure one to two times a day.

Precautions: external supplies, not the eyes, allergies to chemicals with caution.

Storage: Keep product sealed and stored in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.

Phellodendron Bark, Glycerol, Vaseline, Coptis Chinensis, Huang Ling, etc.

NET: 20g.

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