Sunscreen with collagen

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 Protector Solar para el Cuidado de tu Piel
Crema para blanquear con protección solar
Protector solar vibratorio de colágeno de Caracol SPF50
Bloqueador solar spf 50
Disaar Collagen Snail
dissar trusted skin care brand
crema blanqueadora con bloqueador solar
crema blanqueadora con colágeno con bloqueador solar
disaar crema con colágeno y bloqueador solar 50
bloqueador solar disaar
bloqueador solar blanqueador facial y corporal disaar con colágeno

Sunscreen with collagen

Disar SKU: LNQ3152
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🌞 The hot season is here! Are you looking for complete protection for your skin?

We introduce the Sunscreen with Collagen and Protection Factor 50. More than a sunscreen, this wonderful product keeps your skin hydrated and safe from the sun's rays. Avoid burns and any damage to the skin with this light and refreshing formula that does not clog pores.

Enriched with plant extracts and antioxidants, this incredible sunscreen not only hydrates, but also promotes cell regeneration. Imagine healthy, vibrant and protected skin at all times, with an all-in-one product included. Suitable for all skin types and perfect for life outdoors.

Click the buy button to order now and enjoy a fun-filled summer without worrying about sun damage. 🏖️ Protect and rejuvenate your skin today!

This refreshing formula has a light and fine texture, thus favoring its absorption, without obstructing the pores, it is suitable for all skin types. Enriched with plant extracts and antioxidants. This incredible product offers hydration to the skin, favoring cell regeneration.

It also has exfoliating properties and natural active whitening elements, which restore skin conditions, to maintain a white, bright and healthy color despite frequent exposure to sunlight. Prevents UVA/UVB damage, improves skin defense and protects cells.

Also due to its rich content in collagen, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin. Ideal to be used both day and night and its SPF 50++ is a fairly high protection value to avoid the incidence of free radicals.

✅ Its refreshing and natural texture is quickly absorbed by the skin without clogging pores as well as being suitable for all skin types.

✅ Rich in plant and anti-aging extracts, prevents UVA/UVB damage, improves skin defense and protects cells.

✅ Fresh, non-stick and pleasant to the touch, improves elasticity and prevents wrinkles.

✅ Moisturizes and whitens the skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

✅ Degree of protection SPF50.

Water, collagen, vitamin A & E, aloe vera extract, chamomile extract, snail slime and SPF 50.

Keep it in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.



Lifespan: 3 years.

Package size: 13 * 9 * 8 cm

Model: as shown (Optional).

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Elizabeth Montano
Sunscreen with collagen

I liked it a lot, just one small detail leaves the skin a little white, but it does protect from the sun.

Olga Guevara
solar product

I loved it, it's very good, wait for a future order. Thank you

Karen torres

I am very happy with the sunscreen, it is very good

Eliana Arevalo
Sunscreen with collagen

I love how the skin looks after applying it, very good

selma rodriguez
I love it and I'm happy to use it

I love sunscreen and I'm happy to use it.

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