Cream to soak buttocks and rack hips Rtopr
vrema to reaffirm buttocks and hips
cream to soak buttocks and hips
cream to drown the buttocks and hips
massage techniques to reaffirm the buttocks


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Buttock enhancement massage cream, Hip lift, firm buttock and hip skin increase.


rtopr ahumento and buttock lift cream

Inhibits pain in the waist and legs, relieves pain caused by sedentary lifestyle, hardens and stimulates the growth of buttocks and hips. Firms and lifts the volume of the buttocks and hips. Offering a wider and more volume appearance in these areas. Eliminates flaccidity, cellulite and smoothes the surface of the skin in the area where it was applied.

rtopr lifting cream and buttock and hip smoke

How to use:

Apply an adequate amount of the product on the buttocks and massage in circles from the top to the bottom. Be careful not to rub your thighs, crotch. Use twice a day when the skin is hot and after showering or bathing with warm water.

firming massage for buttocks


Water, glycerin, mineral oil, xanthan gum, tocopherol, panax ginseng, extract, angelic extract synesthesis, mangifera, indica seed oil (mango), glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, peg - 100 sterarate, dimetricone and fragrance.

cream to reaffirm buttocks and widen the hip

Note: if you have any allergic problem or skin discomfort, please discontinue use and visit your doctor.

buttocks smoothing cream

Made in China for RtopR

Cont. Net 40g